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"Mooney Goes Wild" to be broadcast from the Scattery Island Centre

RTEs wildlife programme "Mooney Goes Wild" is to be broadcast live from the Scattery Island Centre, Kilrush on 5 June 2004. The programme will mark the opening of the new educational resources developed in the Centre for people interested in the Shannon dolphins.

With funding from the local LEADER group the SDWF have developed a range of educational, interpretive and reference materials on the Shannon dolphins, for children, parents, teachers and schools. The SDWF have also created an extensive reference library and provide a base and resources for those wishing to study the Shannon dolphins and other wildlife in the area.

These new resources include a range of displays, information, interactive activities and games for the enjoyment of all, including: whole skeletons of whales and dolphins, skulls, teeth and other body parts. Children can goggle into a goggle box at an underwater scene, test their sensations in a touch box, make their own marine food chain prints and a giant whale jigsaw.

Included is Soundwaves an acoustic presentation exploring the underwater world of the Shannon dolphins, where sound and not sight is the main sense. Visitors will experience a quadraphonic acoustic experience with dolphin whistles and clicks recorded in the Shannon estuary.


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