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BBC Coast features the Shannon dolphins-UPDATE

The Shannon dolphins and estuary will now appear on the BBC Coast programme on BBC2 on TUESDAY, the 24th July at 9.00pm, with the repeat on the following Saturday, the 28th.

This is the first transmission of this very popular programme from the Republic of Ireland and includes the coast from Galway to Baltimore.

"Sea cliffs twice the height of Big Ben, and 30 foot breakers are just part of this remarkable Atlantic Odyssey, journeying from Galway Bay all the way to the Fastnet Rock, Ireland's southernmost point".

Neil Oliver discovers how it was mysterious flotsam, washed up on the Galway shoreline, that inspired Columbus's journey to America, and he hears how an Irishman could have reached the New World nine hundred years before Columbus.

Alice Roberts explores the botanical puzzle of "The Burren", a breathtaking limestone landscape that's the only place in the world where Arctic plants grow next to Mediterranean flowers. Alice also voyages out to the extraordinary mystical monastery on the tiny island of Skellig Michael, where Christianity survived the fall of the Roman Empire.

Miranda Krestovnikoff eavesdrops on the chatter of the dolphins in the Shannon estuary, and she also reveals the surprising secrets of seaweed that make it the special ingredient in everything from toothpaste to beer.


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