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SDWF Development Plan 2007-2009

SDWF have launched their new development plan including strategic research, education and promotion.

The SDWF have grown into a credible and influential group, which has had an impact on the conservation, educational awareness of and research on the Shannon dolphins.

The new 3 year plan will aim to employ three time part-time posts namely: Project Manager, Research Assistant, Education and Outreach Officer.


The research aims are by 2009:

1.To have established the SDWF as a centre for acoustic research
2.To have developed an acoustic monitoring programme
3.To carry out regular boat transects to monitor the dolphins in the estuary
4.To have information on the potential effects of the main threats identified in the estuary on dolphins


The education aims are by 2009:

1.To have visited or facilitated all National schools in the region
2.To have established a course suitable for Secondary school curricula
3.To have posted resources for schools and children on the website (
4.To deliver a course on dolphin ecology suitable for third level students


The promotion aims are by 2009:

1.To establish the Shannon estuary as a place for viewing wildlife, especially bottlenose dolphins
2.To establish a formal link with one third level institute
3.To establish a national Adopt-a-Dolphin scheme

The SDWF are now seeking partners to help impliment this development plan. Potential partners include industry, state agencies, third level institutes and charities.

A download of the full Development Plan can be obtained from Download document


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